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Alan Dix

Your date was 29th December 1955 at 11:0 (what was happening then?).

Watch those seconds tick!

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To put this on your own page simply copy the html below and place it where you would like the counter.

Sorry - currently, like model-T, only in green on black, perhaps more styles some other time ... perhaps reminders when your 100 million birth-seconds are approaching??

Come back and see!

Note for HTML experts. The counter appears in a <table> of its own which means it does not appear 'inline'. If you wish to place text or images alongside the counter use further <table>s or <div>s for fine layout.


read about slow time - looking at timescales measured in nanohertz

and in all those seconds how much do you see and hear? see my back of the envelope calculations of the memory needed for a complete AV record of your life "the ultimate interface and the sums of life?"

I've been interested in time as an interface phenomena for many years; see my research pages on time in the interface.


time machine

what was happening in the past?

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