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Syntax Check PHP 5.3 File

Many PHP systems are configured not to show syntax errors (or other errors) on production web servers. If you are running a separate development server or running a server on your own PC you can set the display_errors flag to true in php.ini. This will also make it easier to check other kinds of errors.

However, if you cannot do this for some reason, or you just want a quick check of the PHP syntax, then this page is for you!

Simply select the PHP file you would like below and then press 'Check this File'. This will do a syntax check and show you any (usually the first!) syntax errors in your file. As syntax errors are reported with line numbers and not all editors support line numbering, the results page will also show you a numbered listing of your script.

1. Select file to check:
2. Check syntax:

You can download this script (tarball): php-syntax-check.tar.gz
It will need some configuring for your system.

Note this will checked against PHP 5.3. There are slight syntax differences between versions.

Alternative versions are available for PHP 4, PHP 5.2, PHP 5.4, PHP 5.5. Alan Dix © 2005-2010