statistics links

Just a small collection; mainly pointers to dedicated directory sites

Education and information

Stats at George Mason University
dedicated to presenting the facts behind the news stories
History of statistics
collection of resources at University of York
Daily Lesson Plan - Mathematics
mathematics lessons based on New York Times news stories
Dartmouth College quantitative literacy course Chance
online video, presentations, student work and their own links page (several of the links below found there)

Link pages and portals

Statistics Societies and Organisations
links maintained by the American Statistical Association
World-Wide Web Virtual Library pages on Statistics
maintained by Univ. of Florida, Stats. Dept. - lots of links!
Statistics Glossary
glossary compiled by Valerie J. Easton and John H. McColl and updated by Stuart G. Young.
This is an online text in introductory Statistics and the site includes a glossary and online calculator for normal distribution, Student's t, Chi squared, binomial and random digits
Wikipedia: list of statistical topics
Includes descriptions of distributions and tests, tables, all sorts. WikiPedia is a community resource so you can add anything that is missing! There is also a list of basic statistical topics if the big list looks too daunting!
a portal of 'Data, Software and News from the Statistics Community' hosted by the Department of Statistics at Carnegie Mellon University
A few links related to Statistics Education
A page of links by Juha Puranen of Helsinki University. Well Juha's idea of 'a few' is interesting! An extensive categorised list of respources.
Statistics links at University of Tennassee.
Statistical links categorised by education level (K6 to Universty level), interactivity, media etc. Part of Topics in Mathematics site by Earl Fife and Larry Husch.
Southampton Institute's pages on Statistics on the Web
mainly links to data sources such as census data
Probability Web
collection of probability resources on the World Wide Web; maintained by Bob Dobrow
The List of Statistics Lists
collection of mailing lists on things statistical
Free Statistics
lists of statistical and mathematical tools including feature comparison chart
Statistical distributions at Wikipedia
pretty comprehensive coverage of common distributions

Web books and Video

Wikipedia Statistics (webBook)
chapters covering many areas of statistics (some gaps to fill too)
Khan Academy Statistics
Tend to be more "how to calculate" than"what it is about", but very clear and in easy-to follow parts.
Engineering Statistics Handbook
produced by the US National Institute of Standards Technology IT Lab. Focused towards engineering applications, but loads of general statistics including tables of several common probablity distributions
HyperStat Online Textbook
online textbook by David M. Lane of Rice University. Covers basic areas and as you drill down the ToC has links to related resources, so a mini-portal too.
Statistical Associates "Blue Book" series
Ebook series on statistical and research methodology topics. Covers a wide range of areas including more qualitative and scocial science techniques as well as 'hard' statistics. Each title is available either as paid-for eBook, or free (mostly after site registration) PDF download.
Statsoft - Electronic Textbook
Pretty full text book, although it starts with 'elementary concepts' perhaps not for the absoluite beginner, but does start fairly basic and fgoes into pretty detailed tests. Illustrated with Staistica screen shots, but not dependent on the software. Also includes a detailed statistics glossary.

Online tables, tools and demos

VassarStats: Statistical Computation Web Site
numerous utilities for statistics and probabilty: data cleaning and transformation, and tests from Wilcoxon and Kappa to ANOVA and regression.
GraphPad QuickCalcs
online statistical calculators and tables including Fisher's exact, Chi square, Students t, F, Binomial, Poisson, etc.
Statistical Tables
tables compiled by Peter M Lee in Postscript, PDF or LaTeX format
Statistics Online Computational Resources
Resources from Ivo Dinov at UCLA Dept.of Statistics. online games, demos, distribution calculators, plus tables and other resources.
Probability by Surprise
site produce by Susan Holmes as part of an NSF project; contains applets demonstrating different probabilty problems such as the birthday surprise
Create A Graph
online graphing from the US National Centre for Education Statistics var, scatter, line, (aimed at schools, but fine for small graphs)
JavaScript E-labs
loads of pages to do statistics and decision analysis online
Rice Virtual Lab in Statistics
inlcudes the HyperStat online textbook, but also online demonstrations, case studies and some online analysis tools
Statistics Java applets
links page to Java applets available on the web, compiled by Duke Univ Stats people who also have interesting links page
Globally Accessible Statistical Procedures
collection of places where you can do online statistical analysis

Interesting bits

7 common errors in statistics
(on this site) seven different ways statistics go wrong ... and how to avoid it
Simpsons Paradox
WikiPedia article about this odd phenomena where averages of statistical measures seem to have an opposite trend to the individual measures. This is usually due to some confounding factor (e.g. social class and type of school attended)
Don't Be Fooled By Bad Statistics
Lovely short video explaining some of the thinsg that can go wrong when using or reading statistics.

tutorial outline

tutorial notes

7 common errors

book list

rainfall in Gheisra

two-horse races

more coin tossing!

HyperCard demo

other tutorials by Alan

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Alan Dix 22/1/2005 (updated 22/12/2005)